Paul Engelmeyer’s love of fishing and forests brought him to the NW in 1975.   After working in the woods all over Region 6 – OR, WA and Idaho – from tree-planting to tree climbing for cones he transitioned to being a part of the OSU Marbled Murrelet research team. When the first Murrelet nest was found in Oregon’s forests in the early 1990s, he made another shift to full time advocacy.  Salmon recovery as well as protecting habitat the ESA listed Murrelet and other species dependent on older forest habitat became the focus – protection and restoration.  He was also on the Salmon Advisory Subpanel and Habitat Committee for the Pacific Fisheries Management Council dealing with salmon management within the PNW. During his service on Oregon’s Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC), he helped with the advocacy for and the development of the system of marine reserves and protected areas in Oregon’s territorial sea.  He helped form the Cape Perpetua Collaborative which includes federal and state agencies as well as business partners on the central coast. Sharing conservation efforts and successes through field trips and presentations with students and potential partners is one of his passions.

2024 CONFERENCE SPEAKERS (in order of presentation)

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Antecedent Arrangement is EVERYTHING! (60-minutes)
Nicky Plaskitt BSc (hons) CPBT-KA CPAT-KA, Director, Shaping Behaviour

Keep Your Eyes Turned Skyward: Training a Reliable Soaring Behaviour (30-minutes)
Alexandra Goguen, The Raptors

Neotribalism in Avian Training and Education (30-minutes)
Stephanie Ashley, The Peregrine Fund

HPAI Response and Resiliency (60-minutes)
Anna Tobin, Teton Raptor Center

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Bird World (30-minutes)
Balinda Strosnider, Land on Sky

Connecting with our Bird Display Audiences (60-minutes)
Andy Hallsworth, Head of Visitor Engagement, Zoological Society of East Anglia.


Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Vet? Choice and Variation in Veterinary Behaviors (30-minutes)
McKenzie Bender, Zoo Atlanta

Quality of Life Assessments: An Evolution of Personal Understanding and Professional Forms (30-minutes)
Beth Thompson, Education Coordinator/Trainer, New Mexico Wildlife Center

Slow Down to Speed Up (60-minutes)
Cassie Malina, CPBT-KA, CPBC, Awesome Animal Solutions 

Fly Like an Eagle Through the Lens of a Drone: The Training Behind Documentary Filming with Bald Eagles (30-minutes)
Morgan Bryson, The Raptors

 Winging It: Taking a Traditional Bird Show to New Spaces (30-minutes)
Lacey Zeno, San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Free-flight, The Ultimate form of Control … Or is it? (60-minutes)
Steve Martin, Natural Encounters, Inc.