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We have a few birds that really get into the paper/shreddable enrichment! I will take a piece of paper, lay it flat on the table, put two fingers in the middle, and then kind of spiral the paper around those fingers so it makes a nice little nook to put a tidbit inside. I’ll then take a paper egg carton and put the spiraled paper in an egg carton cup and then repeat that until each egg cup is filled! Before I close it up, I’ll add the food tidbits into the little spiraled paper nooks for them to find. Sometimes I’ll even tie a long piece of paper towel around the carton so they have to rip through that first. Our crested caracara absolutely loves to shred paper enrichment, so I try to come up with different things for him to figure out! For him, I like to put some of the enrichment items I make inside a large paper bag that I’ll roll up just to give him an additional layer to tear through.

Another personal favorite is simply giving them a nice chunk of a rabbit pelt for them to pick at! A lot of our birds really enjoy that, and I also enjoy watching them go to town on it!