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    Heather Natola

    Hi and thanks for reading!
    My team is at the beginning stages of switching to voluntary participation with our raptors. We are receiving excellent guidance from Amy with the training and are making progress. One thing that is slowing me down is that the scale we have isn’t great. The “hold” function only works if I press it while the bird is on it, and for many of our birds, that isn’t an option at the moment. I’d like to get weights on more of our animals, but they aren’t going to approach the scale if I am in the mew at this point in time. All of our enclosures are outside and none of them have power, so plug-in options won’t work for us. I’d like one we can use for our small birds and our eagles, but if the eagles don’t fit on it, they are display birds and not apart of our education team so I can live with a smaller scale. In summary, if you have a great, battery-powered, scale that can weigh birds with a good hold function, I’d love to hear about it!


    Daniel Harris

    I have been using two MYWEIGH-KD-7000-BLK and they have survived a three ft drop without any damage and are still calibrated. The hold function works well and it has the option to turn off sound and light from button/display. It has options to extend the auto-off feature to several minutes.
    The table comes off the top and I have one flat top and another with a mounted perch that I use for the raptors. The largest is a 1400g RTH. I will say that the base is not very big and if they fly directly to it, you will need to hold the base to keep it from tipping over. Hope that helps!

    Heather Natola

    Thank you!!

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