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    Maggie Engler

    Meet Aldo. Aldo is a 2019 hatch, who is partially imprinted on humans. Despite his maladjustment, he has never taken to being an avian ambassador. He prefers to be free lofted, he does not want his feet or ankles touched, gear is an enigma to him, and he is easily spooked by loud noises. He is trained to come to scale for daily weighing, eats readily following a training pattern, and will eat pieces of food from hand offered by those he trusts. We have worked diligently for 6 months to get him to enter a travel crate with consistency, and he simply is not able to trust enough to have us close the crate door.
    We are seeking a new home for him where he can be an exhibit bird. Our facility is not set up for human visitors, and we present 110-120 educational programs per year.
    If you want more information on his background, and would consider giving him a home, please contact me at
    Maggie Engler, Executive Director
    Black Hills Raptor Center
    PO Box 48 Caputa SD 57725

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