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    Jessica Montgomery

    I’d love some guidance on how I can improve my interactions with my male 1 y/o male keel bill toucan. Territorial aggression, mating behaviors, general aggression, fear-based behavior? I need some direction so I can be the care-giver, trainer this little guy deserves.

    Informational resources on their behavior are sparse and I even visited a local zoo and the zoo keepers could not provide any additional information that I didn’t already know. He was supposedly hand-fed and therefore “tamer” but his behavior would suggest otherwise. I’d love to know more about the meaning behind the sounds they make and how I inadvertently cause him distress or provoke territorial aggression, etc. What is the absolute minimum size of an appropriate indoor cage/enclosure for a keel bill? Can these birds be trained and what is the best technique to do so? I understand that they are not like macaws or any other parrots but I am positive that they are very intelligent birds.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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