Annual Photo Contest

The IAATE Photo contest gets better every year!
[2016 BEST IN SHOW: Milky Eagle Owl, Bubo lacteus by Helen Dishaw]
2016 BEST IN SHOW: Milky Eagle Owl, Bubo lacteus by Helen Dishaw

Enter your photos for a chance win prizes! $250 in gift certificates were awarded last year! And see your winning photos in the IAATE Flyer!

Portraits of Birds
Action: Flying, jumping, running, bathing etc.
People and Birds: Birds and trainers in shows, birds and audience members, funny moments with birds, etc.

Contest Rules:

2021 Entry Deadline: All entries must be submitted by February 8, 2021. Entries are pre-judged before the conference and presented in a slide show at the banquet. The entry deadline is not
flexible, so please plan ahead.
Contest open to IAATE member photographers only! You must take your own photos to enter. No 2nd party non-member photos please. Selfies are ok.
AMATEUR photographers only (a professional photographer is defined as making 40% or more of their annual salary from selling photos).
Entries must be sent emailed as jpegs, send via file sharing or on a USB stick. Please email Kim Caldwell to determine what file sharing method is compatible. The USB stick will only be returned in a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please submit photos of 300dpi or better. You may send images via email as long as they are full size images of 1-3MBs. If you send compressed images by email, the quality may be compromised. We really want these photos to look good in print, so the higher quality is important. Sending photos individually is fine. A return email will be sent to confirm receipt of the photos. If you do not receive a confirmation email, I did not receive the photos.
No more than 10 entries per individual.
Photographer grants IAATE permission to use the photos in any IAATE publication, including the IAATE web site. All other rights retained by Photographer.
Please clean up your photo entries if scanned. Cropping is ok. No modifications will be made to photos for judging once received. Please do not send images larger than 5MB (closed file size). 1-3MB is sufficient.
Please use the species common name and your own name as the file name: e. Goldeneagle.KimCaldwell.jpg, and Blackcrownedcrane.HelenDishaw.jpg. This will help IAATE with the filing system to access photos in the future for our publications.

All entries must be accompanied by:

Phone number
Category of each entry

Mail entries to:
Kim Caldwell
20110 3rd Place
Escondido, CA 92029
or email to Kim Caldwell –