Have you ever thought about hosting an IAATE conference?

It is never too early to plan. Our Annual Conference Potential Host Information package, containing all the information you need to know about hosting our conference, may be downloaded from here. An Annual Conference Host Application form to present a bid to host may also be downloaded from here.

Since its inception, IAATE has facilitated the exchange of information through a 4-day conference held annually in February. The conference has grown to be one of the most important structured gatherings available to animal trainers with a special interest in avian species.

The IAATE International Conference provides a unique gathering place for animal trainers who already specialize in bird training or who would like to expand their knowledge and horizons by meeting with like-minded trainers from around the world. Through structured paper sessions, informal workshops, and social events the conference provides an ideal information exchange opportunity.

If you have questions about any aspect of our annual conference, please contact us at conference@iaate.org.