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It's almost Time to Vote!

The next IAATE Board of Directors’ election is almost upon us! The IAATE Board is a dedicated, hard-working group of volunteers who bring you the Mentorship Program, the IAATE Flyer, the annual conference, webinars, the website, and more… all while keeping the IAATE organization financially stable and looking towards the future.

Get to know our candidates for our general board positions. We have three general board positions up for election this year. We asked each of our candidates to answer some questions so our members can learn more about them. Meet Sidney Campbell, Josh Sanko, Adam Patterson, Holly Cale and Robyn Miller. Elections will take place in November, so check your email for more voting information soon!


Question 1:

“If you could be any bird, what would you be and why?”

Question 2:

“What do you see ambassador bird programming being in the future?”

Question 3:

“How are you interested in continuing to support and advance bird welfare at your facility?”

Question 4:

“What is one thing you think our members should know about you?”