Behavior Showcase

Every year the opening day of IAATE’s annual conference kicks off with a celebration of our members’ training successes with the IAATE Behavior Showcase presentation. This video montage sets the stage for a wonderful conference experience with members sharing and learning from each other.

Do you have a training success you would like to share with the attendees of the IAATE annual conference?? Would you like to inspire other facilities to reach new heights in training? During the opening of the general paper session, we will be showing a montage of our members’ proudest guest interactions, husbandry, and show behaviors.

Get your cameras out and capture your team’s achievements. Submissions to the Awards Committee for review will be accepted in the months leading up to the conference each year. The deadline for submission will be January 31.

Please consider the welfare of the bird and the safety of the audience and trainer during the behavior. Please see IAATE Position Statement on best practices in training for reference.

 Submission details:

Record in landscape orientation rather than portrait.
Format video for the web in Mp4 with h.264 compression
Preferably Full HD 1080 (1920×1080), no less than 1280×720
If you use music in your video, make sure you are using copyright-free music.
Consider using text overlays on your video to describe behaviors or training for the viewers’ experience rather than dialogue.
The video will be shown during the opening of the conference for all attendees. IAATE will be sharing the videos on social media after the conference so please share materials that are approved by your organization for social media.

NAME YOUR FILE with your institution’s name, following this naming convention: institutionname_behaviorname_IAATE2021.mp4

No spaces or hyphens in filename

Example: CascadesRaptorCenter_CrateLoad_IAATE2020.mp4

We look forward to showcasing and celebrating some of the inspirational and creative accomplishments of our members during the conference. 

UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO FILE to this Dropbox and follow submission instructions: