Balinda Strosnider


Balinda Strosnider, President of Land On Sky Wildlife Experiences, Pinetop, Arizona, USA
Balinda has been a life-long lover of animals and got into birds when she found out she was highly allergic to anything with fur (luckily she has outgrown that and is able to cohabitate with her Maine Coon cat, Taz, and St. Bernard, Jaz). Balinda has 3 parrots, one of which was invited to be on the Today Show in New York many years ago. (Little did she know she was training using choice-based methods at the time.) Balinda’s background is in Computer Science and Statistics, but she has volunteered as a Raptor Rescuer and Educator for over 12 years, eventually starting her own company and partnering with the White Mountain Nature Center to bring raptor education to a much-needed area in northern Arizona. Balinda fell in love with the idea of choice-based training in 2016 and has been passionate about spreading the word ever since. She and her husband, John, became IATCB certified in 2018 and won the High-Flyer Award at the 2020 IAATE Conference. Balinda has been a member of the Education Committee for several years and has contributed 3 articles to The Flyer magazine for IAATE members. Balinda is also a member of the Arizona Association for Environmental Education and is on the White Mountain Nature Center Advisory Committee as well as the Carolina Raptor Center Welfare Advisory Committee.